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Psychic Readings with Angels


Psychic Readings

During my psychic readings, I work with the Angels and my spirit guides and call upon them 

for energetic clearing, and guidance as well. In our time spent together, I will intuitively tune into your life and karmic chart (destiny) while holding the intention receive guidance only the highest good and bring information that you can actually do something about! Rather than focusing on future alone, I would like to focus on your today AND past if needed, so I can help you guidance to help understand the possible roots of your challenges whether they are from this lifetime or a prior one. I believe in the transformative and healing benefits of predictions. They are often part of my sessions and only used to guide you and never to limit or scare. Together we'll talk about your soul's chart, karma purpose and how to align you with your soul's plan. I'll be also answering your questions yet, of course, you always have the final say in which direction to take! It's your life after all! I'm just the messenger.

Skype Readings


Skype Readings are available to clients who cannot travel but still prefer a face to face experience. 

In Person Readings

A very limited number of Private In-Person readings are available for those who wish to have a face-to-face interaction with Ersin. These private readings are very limited and must be booked well in advance.  If you would like to know if Ersin will be in your area doing private readings, please see our Events page or send us an email at


Group Readings

Ersin does small intimate group reading sessions all over Europe. To see a schedule of where Ersin will be hosting these Group Readings, please check the Events page. You can also organize a group reading yourself by contacting Ersin directly.

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