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About Ersin


As a life-long intuitive and medium, I've been sharing my intuitive insights with others for over 20 years now. I'm mostly known for my sharp level of accuracy in my readings. I know that a psychic's reading is often seen as good as their last but after 20 years I have faith not only in my intuition being but my Source; God and the Angels.

I am also a Certified Angel Intuitive by Doreen Virtue.

During our sessions I prefer going right into the heart of the matter in a focused but compassionate way, bring specific information and guide you through the situation. I will also let you know what may be ahead of you. Predictions can be very healing and empowering when used in the right way.

Besides being a loving messenger and guide, I'm also a spiritual healer who combines the power of energy healing, angelic assistance, and prayer. Now I'm also traveling and teaching the spiritual healing methods I've learned over the years to other people with the hopes of seeing them benefit from the life-changing and transformative power of the Angels.

LOVE, Ersin



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