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Angelic Emotional Healing

You can also book a Spiritual Healing session with me for emotional healing and bringing forgiveness and healing into your relationships with yourself and others (family,ex-partner, colleague, friends, and situations).

With this method of Angelic Emotional Healing ARH™, we can heal all the past trauma's, worries and un-forgiveness to have better today and tomorrow.


The sessions are interactive in the sense, I'll be channeling prayers and affirmations for you to use while I work with an Angelic Emotional Healing ARH™ method to create healing shifts and removing negativity.


Together we'll be working with Archangels, Ascended Master's and Healing Energies to bring healing for the highest good of all involved.


Rather than the sadness you are experiencing and attracting more of that you can partner up with the Divine to attract better solutions.


Over the years, with the help of the Divine, I've seen miraculous shifts in seemingly impossible situations where individuals feel stuck.


You can choose to have 1 session for a specific issue or sign up for the 40-Day Healing Program to heal deep emotional wounds and empower yourselves.


It takes 40 days for one's consciousness to realize the truth or accept a new belief. You can see 40 day long journeys and ceremonies in many different religions and spiritual practices.


Over the years I've worked with individuals in healing their emotional wounds or current emotional challenges I noticed that it was essential to heal their view of themselves, life and the situation. While I would work on their behalf with the Divine, I would provide them with affirmations and prayers they can use. As a result of this journey, I saw them experience miraculous results and changes in their relationships with others and themselves.


I'm now offering this as a special healing package to all of you. I noticed that 40 days were indeed perfect for building momentum and changing beliefs.


So what's included in 40-Day to Emotional Healing Journey?

During the 40-Day To Emotional Healing Journey, I'll be coaching you personally every week via Skype/Phone sessions (in a total of six 45-minute sessions) and provide email support to send your weekly "spiritual homework". Your homework is basically a combination of affirmations and prayers that I'll be channeling for you after our first Skype session, upon intuitively tuning into your energy. They'll be changing as we focus on the different aspects of the situation you'd like to heal over the period of 40 days.

While you are doing your 'homework' I'll be meditating and doing spiritual healing work on your behalf. At least once a week you and the situation you will like to heal will be receiving distance healing from me.

During our Skype sessions, I'll be sharing any intuitive insights that I've channeled during my meditations and work with the Masters and the Angels.


You can use this transformational and healing journey to heal a specific relationship whether its family, friendship or a romantic one in nature or heal your relationship with yourself.


You read about the experiences of some of my clients here:


" When I contacted Ersin my marriage was falling apart and I wanted to try this as a last resort! I wish I didn't wait so long. Before our sessions were complete my relationship started improving. While we thought we were going to court we ended up going to a cruise together. I'm eternally grateful''                                                                                S.A Istanbul, Turkey


''All I wanted was to free myself from the toxic relationship I couldn't let go of. Even though it was all one-sided (my side), I simply didn't know how to move on. Ersin helped me love myself enough to move on and free myself.''                                                                         M.S Luzern, Switzerland 

'' I've been the black sheep of my family for as long as I can remember. I never felt understood or accepted by any of them. As a spiritual person and lightworker, I did my best to move on and start a new life. I tried to forgive the past but unfortunately couldn't release my anger and resentment towards them. During the period I was talking to Ersin, the first improvement I saw was not feeling so angry anymore but seeing my family's reactions towards me change was unexpected! Ersin, you are a miracle worker. I know you always say it's the Angels and Masters but I want to thank you for all your prayers and healing work, too. I feel more confident and peaceful than I ever did in my life''                                                               H.M      Malmo, Sweden


'' Ersin had been instrumental in healing from all the disappointments I've experienced in my love life. Just when I settled to be alone for the rest of my life she helped me attract a wonderful man. We are currently engaged. She has a very unique approach to healing. Thank you, Ersin for being so patient with me!''                            L. A     Amsterdam, The Netherlands


''At the end our journey, I was so happy you asked me to write my experience because I'm hoping it will give hope to others as well. I contacted Ersin because even though I was content with my marriage I was missing the passion we once had and more importantly to bring healing to my constant struggle with my husband's family. Only after 3 sessions, we were communicating in a way with my husband like we never did in years and soon after that his family finally embraced me and we opened a whole new chapter in our lives. I believed in energy healing but didn't know the energy of relationships could be healed and changed so much!''                                                                                    K.N Stockholm, Sweden


'' My biggest desire was to heal my relationship with my children. Both of my sons were very distant and I was afraid of losing them completely. We worked with Ersin on healing these relationships and my communication with them. At first, I was simply feeling peaceful with the situation I was in and I was already content after years of being sad. The best thing was seeing my sons contacting me and how we came closer again. Once again, we are a family and I'm thankful to God, Angels, Ascended Masters and Ersin for all her healing work and support! ''                                                                                     A.S Stockholm, Sweden


Tuition:  € 699 -, + %21 VAT. Alternatively you can divide your tuition to 2 installments without any additional costs.  If you'd like to use this option please email me at


If you would like to attend this JOURNEY please send your application letter to


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at



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