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Private Psychic Course ​

The Private 1-1 Psychic Training is a unique training program that combines, the law of attraction, angelic assistance and psychic abilities in order to help the psychic reader tap into the highest source of information and provide accurate and empowering readings. Over the course of the 10 weeks lessons, you will be meeting with Ersin via Skype for each lesson, once a week. Each of the ten online sessions will address various aspects of developing your intuition and teach you how to use your abilities to help yourself and others. 

While taking classes and reading books on the subject of intuition can definitely help an individual recognize and improve their intuition, there can be special circumstances, conditions, and concerns that require more individualized attention in order to help the student experience and use their intuition to its fullest potential. You might need to heal a personal issue, a past trauma, uncover a root-cause or release negative belief patterns that may be holding you back. Since these matters can be unique and private in nature, it might be a challenge to succeed when it comes to healing them in a group environment. Therefore, Ersin's now offering this personal training program in addition to her in-person weekend workshops.


As an experienced Angel channel and healer, Ersin will make sure that you feel safe every step of the way. Together you will be working on not only learning but also finding out every possible fear, insecurity, and blockage that could keep you from developing your intuitive abilities and heal them. Encouraged to overcome your comfort zone to develop your gift further. 
While the training program has a curriculum you will be following, this is also personal experience and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask your questions. 


Some of the topics that will be covered during the 1-1 Psychic Training are:

 - Aligning and connecting with the right Source of information

 - Angels and how to work with them

 - Recognizing and being in control of your intuition

 - Premonitions and Predictions

 - How to read for yourself and others

 - How to give oracle card readings (in-person and distance)

 - Psychic Self-Defense

 - Specialized readings; relationships, spiritual development, career, etc.


The topics above are just a few of the topics that will be covered during the lessons. Ersin will also be sharing with you methods that will allow you to quickly access your intuition whenever you need. For those of you who would like to work in the field of intuition, Ersin will be also teaching little known tips and techniques that will increase the accuracy of your readings. 

She'll be guiding you through various exercises and meditations during each lesson. Her loving approach and the private nature of the lessons will be taking away the anxiety and pressure that mostly comes when one steps out of their comfort zone. 

1-1 training is ideal for anyone who wants to instantly improve their intuition and learn to give accurate psychic readings, as well as anyone who is sensitive and easily takes on the problems and negative energy of those around you. Right from the comfort of your own home. 

The intended lesson schedule is weekly yet you and Ersin can set up a schedule that's more aligned with your life and needs. 

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and a 25% discount for all of Ersin's classes and sessions for a year. So, you can continue your education also in-person classes and get in touch with Ersin whenever you need as your mentor. 

During the course of your 1-1 Psychic Training, you will be also learning to communicate and work with the Angels and find out how to give accurate Angel readings. Their presence and assistance will ensure that your readings will always be gentle, safe, and for the highest good of all involved.

Of course, the first step will be getting to know more about them, meeting your guardian angels and deepening your connection with the Angelic Realm.

Angels work with everyone who calls upon them regardless of their religion or beliefs. Yet, hearing and recognizing their guidance can require some training. 


Being psychic is not only limited to moments when you intentionally access your intuition for giving readings. When you live as a psychic, you'll get to notice patterns in your lives that you haven't before, make intuitively guided healthier decisions, sense and see subtle energies that surround all of us. 

A six-sensory life is much richer than a 5-sensory one! Start now! 

Tuition:  € 999-, + %21 VAT. Alternatively you can divide your tuition to 3 installments without any additional costs. 

The tuition includes:
 - Ten 45-minute Skype sessions (value 1500 euros) 

 - E-mail support throughout the training. 

 - A 25% discount for an in-person workshop with Ersin of your choosing AND for her readings for a year. 

 Due to the personal nature of the course, Ersin can only take a limited number of students. 

If you would like to attend this course please send your application letter to
Include why you would like to join the program, your previous qualifications, and training, as well as your formal education and a clear face picture.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send email to

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