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1-1 Advance Psychic Training


The Private Advanced Psychic 1-1 training course is designed to provide you with the advanced tools necessary to continue to grow and enhance your natural psychic abilities. Upon the completion of the course, you will have increased your knowledge in a variety of topics and gained vital insights on how to use that knowledge to assist you and your clients in your everyday life. This course will provide you with the practical knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to take your psychic skills to the next level. This course promises to deliver life-changing, transformative content for you and your intuitive abilities. 


Each session of the course will focus on a specific and personalized topic designed to enhance your psychic development. Topics delivered will build upon the knowledge and energy gained from the previous topic and will assist you in exploring your own psychic abilities on a deeper and more personal level.  Once the program is completed, you will have a better understanding of yourself, your intuitive gifts and ability to acquire higher knowledge, wisdom, and tools to guide you on your spiritual journey

Some of the topics covered in the course include:

 - Deepening Your Meditative State to Improve Your Psychic Connection

 - Using Breath and Chakra Energy Enhance to Clear Psychic Channels

 - Learn Dowsing and Scrying to Support Your Psychic Gifts

 - Learning to Gain Psychic Information by Touching Objects.

 - Learning to Psychically Project to Gain Wisdom and Knowledge

 - Advanced Psychic Self-Defense Techniques

 - Learning Psychic Archaeology

 - Learn How To Safely Channel Healing Energy

 - Learn How to Heal Problems Spiritually

 - Develop Skill to Bypass Fears and Increase Confidence with Automatic Writing

 - Confidently Give Past Life Readings

 - Safely Connect with Angelic Sources to Channel Information for Self and Clients

These are just a handful of the topics explored in this personalized advanced psychic training program. Throughout the course of your private one-on-one training, Ersin will assess where you are in your psychic development and provide you with the individualized content specifically geared to help you advance and achieve dramatic improvements in your psychic gifts.


In addition to the personalized training, you will also have the opportunity within the program to give readings to selected individuals. This will allow you to practice the teachings and bring real-time questions to Ersin in following sessions for development, trouble-shooting and continued support.


Along with the hands-on, customized training and support, students of the private one-on-one Advanced Psychic Training will also receive tools to enhance your comfort, confidence, and success in working with clients.

This includes, but is not limited to specific scripts and formats to use in sessions such as meditation scripts and prayers to enhance client experiences.

Upon completion of the 
Purpose once and for all.
course students will receive a Certification of Accomplishment to notify their clients of their training and achievement in Advanced Psychic Arts and Study personally trained by the internationally renowned psychic, Ersin Davidson.

As a student of this course, Ersin is passionately committed to your learning and development and will personally ensure that you feel safe every step of the way. Her approach to teaching is very ‘hands on’ and she will guide and encourage you to step beyond your comfort zone to develop your gift further. Not only will you grow spiritually but you will also find that this will help you grow emotionally and help you with any chance that you wish to make in your life.  While this is a course in Advanced Psychic Training, it is a course that will truly transform every area of your life and allow you to fully step into your Passion, Power 


The course is delivered via a series of ten (10) 45-minute private one-on-one sessions with Ersin. Sessions are conducted via phone or Skype.


Tuition:  € 999-, + %21 VAT. Alternatively you can divide your tuition to 3 installments without any additional costs.


The tuition includes

 - Ten 45-minute private training sessions via Skype (value 1500 euros)

 - Personalized scripts, prayers
and meditations for working with clients

 - Email support throughout the training

 - A 25% discount for an in-person workshop with Ersin of your choosing AND for her readings for a year.



 Due to the personal nature of the course space is limited so pre-booking is highly encouraged.

If you would like to attend this course please send your application letter to


Include why you would like to join the program, your previous qualifications, and training, as well as your formal education and a clear face picture.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to send email to


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