A weekend of Forgiveness, Emotional and Karmic Healing with Angels and Ascended Masters! If you would like to empty your emotional baggage, help your clients, friends or family to be free of pain that's been lingering from the past and past-lives, join us for an intimate and transformative healing journey.

Those of you who are working professionally as spiritual coaches, intuitive's and healers, you can also offer these sessions in addition to your readings which would help your clients by healing the emotional and karmic roots of their issues and help them have a fresh start in life.

I've created and channeled this class after years of working with my clients, their relationship issues and with the angels. First of all, you can use the Angelic Emotional Healing (ARH) method to heal all kinds of relationships. Most of the time, when we see the word relationship we tend to think of only romance yet the most challenging relationships in life end up being with family and even friends. We will, of course, work with romantic relationships and a special group of angels frequently referred to as 'Romance Angels' and Archangels -both commonly know ones and the ones that you might not be as familiar with. 

The methods I'll be teaching in this class can help you heal your own relationships but also help heal those of others around you. 

The Angelic Emotional Healing also includes learning and giving Angelic Relationship Readings (Love Readings), intuitively tuning into a relationship, individuals, their divine blue print and compatibility! I believe in order to heal any kind of relationship we first need to see and understand what it is that needs to be healed. 

This method is a combination of traditional methods used for centuries in Anatolia to heal relationships, petitioning for Divine Assistance and energy work. These methods are often passed down through generations but we were guided to make them accessible to everyone. 

While our main focus will be healing relationships we will also cover the topics of how to attract relationships for ourselves and others. 

Some of the topics that are covered in this workshop are:

Soul Contracts

Intuitive Relationship Readings

Personal Charts

Family Relationship



Karma Releasing

Karmic Relationships and Past-Life Connections

Attracting The Right Soul

Clearing Energetic Blockages

Clearing Emotional Blockages

These are just a few examples of what you will be learning during this 2-day workshop. There are no requirements to take this class but a belief in a higher-power and a willingness to heal. 

Here are the experiences of some of my previous students:

"Thank you for this workshop it was amazing . Only after three days , my life started to change for the better , my relationships are smoother and life feels much lighter , I've got more energy and I feel I received several tools to live my life fully . Thanks Ersin for this life- changing workshop . I recommend everyone to go this workshop." Clara Hyltback

"The seminar was mindblowing and lifechanging but in a really subtle, nice and joyfull way. Ersin really gets the important points across with ease, depth and a warm smile." Katharina Arnesen

"I highly recommend The Angelic Relationship Healing™ class because  Ersin is a wonderful teacher who helps you see other ways and means to  get and recieve what you want. How to heal yourself and others from  unnecessary energy clutter that comes from past relationships of all kinds,  not just the romantic ones, that isn't for your Highest Good and stops you from  living your life to the fullest. She gives you the tools to meet a brighter future, to forgive others and letting go  and the ability to help and guide others. In this class you can finally get rid of things that you've struggled with for ages,  and I don't just mean just this lifetime but your past lives as well. This testimonial is my way of saying thank you for a wonderful class. With love from Therece"

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