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Angelic Mediumship Certification program has been created by Birkan Tore. If you’ve been wanting to communicate with the spirit world and feel safe while doing it or you are receiving signs from the spirit but cannot decipher them, this is definitely a great opportunity for you. One of the biggest blocks that keeps people from exploring mediumship and intuition in general are deeply rooted fears. Birkan, with a very unique approach, created a system that bridges vibrational alignment, angels and mediumship in this training in order to help you release your fears and experience your intuition fully.

Now Ersin, as a Certified Angelic Mediumship Teacher is teaching Angelic Mediumship workshops and spreading this loving and powerful spiritual communication technique with others.

The presence of angels and learning how to communicate with the angels will also bring an added sense of peace, safety and guidance both into your lives and spiritual practice.

Some of the subjects that will be covered during the training are:       

• Intuition in Mediumship and Angelic Communication

• Understanding after-life and the journey of the soul

• Self-Mediumship (Ability to communicate with the spirits on your own)

• Practice of Mediumship (Working as an intuitive medium for others)

• Angels and Angel Readings

• Psychic Self-Defence

• Energetic House Clearing

Ersin’s goal during the 3-day intensive training will be demystifying mediumship for the students and giving them tools recognise and control their intuition and open the doors to Heavenly realms. The class is suitable both for those who would like to start their practice as a professional Angel Medium or those who would like to take the class for their spiritual growth and skill building. Ersin will be also focusing on removing fear and negative myths from the practice of mediumship while making the practice itself much safer by including the Archangels.

” My dearest friends, I've been born with the ability to sense and communicate with the spirit world but due to fear I've pushed this gift aside for many years. After meeting with the Angels and seeing how they can help me be and feel safe, and help use mediumship for healing others I could finally embrace my connection the other side and use it for service. I've been enjoying Angelic Mediumship so much that I started learning how could I teach this to others and now I'm happy to be offering Angelic Mediumship Workshops in Amsterdam. Whether you are born with the awareness of the spirit world or want to learn how you are more than welcome to join for one of my classes. "

Upon successful completion of the class students will be certified as Angel Mediums with a certification that carries both Ersin's and Birkan's signature showing that they have completed their training.  Those who would like to purse further training and become Advanced Angel Mediums will be able to train with Birkan Tore in the future. 


Angelic Mediumship Certification